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Beavers About Town

Directors: Yaz Ellis and Jack Mifflin | Dream Wild Films | English and German | 8.5 mins

The city of Vienna is home to over 230 beavers, including one special beaver family who are the stars of this film. We follow them as they navigate the urban world they have made their home. From living in an unexpected 'lodge', swimming past humans everyday and using empty boats as places to relax. You’ve never seen beavers like this before.

We created Beavers About Town to celebrate the amazing and adaptive European beavers that have made Vienna their home. These urban beavers are so unique because they don’t have the traditional habitat changing impact on the surrounding environment, They simply exist and do not need to justify their existence.


With this freedom, these beavers have a truly amazing life. Living next to thousands of humans and exploring everything this capital city has to offer. This film is intended to show the incredible hidden lives of this beautiful, characterful species and hopefully inspire those who live in Vienna to explore and experience their company for themselves.

Jackson Wild Winners - Yaz Ellis, Jack Mifflin
Jackson Wild Winners - Yaz Ellis, Jack Mifflin
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