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About Us

Hi we are Yaz and Jack, award-winning wildlife filmmakers and cinematographers, based in Vienna, Austria. We founded Dream Wild Films in order to create impactful and important wildlife films, focusing on the effects of humans on species that are often overlooked  on our planet. We combine our experience of cinematography and filmmaking to become an unstoppable team in the field. Our films have won awards at Jackson Wild, United Nations’ World Wildlife Day, Green Screen and Innsbruck Nature Film Festival. And we have been generously supported in our filmmaking by National Geographic, Wildscreen, RED Digital Cinema and LAOWA. 

The Nitty-Gritty: Camera Experience

Marmots on Toast, dreamwild films

Kit: We own and operate a variety of cameras and lenses; 

RED V-Raptor 8K S35 + rigging, RED Komodo 6K + rigging

Sony FX3 + Underwater housing, Lumix S1H, DJI Mavic Air 3

Motorised Slider, DJI RS3 Pro Gimbal, Various Tripods and Heads, Variety of lenses up to 400mm. 


Camera experience: RED V-Raptor 8k, Helium 8k, Komodo 6k, Freefly Ember S5k, Sony FX6, FX9, FS7, A7siii, Canon C100, C300, R5

Experience: Long-lens (Canon CN20), Macro (LAOWA Probe), Gimbal (DJI RS3 Pro), Camera trapping, Drone cinematography (DJI Air 3), Infrared. 

Who we have filmed for: Terra Mater Studios, Servus TV, BBC, Engelbert Strauss, FOUR PAWS, Scotland: The Big Picture, Wildscreen, Conservation Optimism, People’s Trust for Endangered Species, Joerg Zuber Studios.

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